8 de abril de 2009

Visit el Salvador!

El Salvador it's becoming a huge touristic destination. With only 21000 square kilometers, and in order to establish a comparison Texas has 421231 square kilometers (261797 square miles) that means that the whole country fits more than 20 times in Texas. You will be able to find beaches, mountain, and all the stuff related to those destinations surf, rafting, rapel, cross country, motocross, enduro, etc.

In the streets of El Salvador it's very common to find foreigners backpacking from all over the world, germans, australians, british, canadians, french, etc, etc, etc they like to visit the places related to the colony as well as the places where took place the civil war that ended 17 years ago. Chalatenango, Cabañas, Morazan, Cuscatlan and La Libertad are the most common places where we can find lots of information regarding touristic destinations.

There is a common saying after visiting this wonderful place: You will be coming back, because you will fall in love with the humble salvadoran smile and the human warmth that its inhabitants transmit which is a trademark.

This is a post that you can visit in this blog.

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