23 de abril de 2009

List of things to do

It's kinda weird I'm missing only easy things!

Get a tattoo. About to be done
Be crazy. Done
Have high expectations. Done
Tell a lie. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu done long time ago!
Date someone totally wrong for you. Done
Say yes. Done
Spend all your cash. Done
Fall in Love. Done
Break hearts. Done
Be random. Done
Say 'i love u'. Done
Sing out loud. Done
Laugh at a stupid joke. Done
Cry. Done
Dance around naked. Hmmm the shower counts? Now I remember yes, done!!!
Get revenge. Done
Tell someone how much they mean to you. Done
Stalk someone. Done (when I was 16!!)
Let someone know what they're missing. Done
Let someone know they're missed. Done
Tell an asshole how you feel about him. Done
Laugh til your stomach hurts. Done
Drink til you can't remember. Nope
Live. Done
Love. Done
Be. Done

1 comentario:

QueithCita dijo...

"Drink til you can't remember. Nope" You can't remember but done!