23 de febrero de 2009

My bad

My mistake! I'm sorry my anglo-speakers, I know I forgot about you but what can I do!? You guys don't even comment! WTF! I know most of you come here from time to time to check if there is an update on my life but you only find articles, well, the reason is because life's the same!!! with the possible exception that I probably quit my job in two weeks! There have been a couple of incidents that eventually I'm gonna share but I think I'm just not ready to disclose 'em, unfortunately it is related to the always present salvadoran gossip, ahhhh my people! always starving for something to chew, some sort of use and dispose, ravishing for the next victim. Luckily you guys will get to know the details rather sooner than later, in a not so distant future date, so long!

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