24 de febrero de 2009

25 random facts, things or habits...Share

You see! I have news for you jejejejeje!

1. I want to go to Nicaragua in april

2. I tend to notice things that usually go unnoticed for the rest of the people

3. I can't dance

4. I cant' go to bed early

5. I check my email and blog in a daily basis

6. I don't have a favorite song ever

7. I can't live without my kids

8. I like the beach as much as the mountain

9. I've never ever broke any of my bones

10. I like to read a lot

11. I wanted to be a lawyer, not anymore

12. I can't live one day without reading online papers

13. I used to watch more TV, not anymore : (

14. I'm a consumated blaugrana fan!

15. I like to listen to people

16. I have lots of gay friends and they respect me!

17. I've been a single for the last 7 years but one month

18. I don't do drugs

19. My favorite color is blue

20. I love to go to the movies

21. I hate bullies

22. I love to travel

23. I might try become a sports journalist

24. I'm hooked gambling again

25. My ultimate fear is death

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Anónimo dijo...

awww ya siento q te conozco cada vez mas.....