15 de marzo de 2007

if love is a game...

...I think I'm not designed to play it, before I start rambling I want to state that I'm not whining, this is a simple exercise of introspection (considered this as a contemplation on one-self) every single person need its share of love, however, it seems that there are a few ones (and unfortunately I'm included in that group) that will receive only a specific "amount" of love, majorly coming from relatives and friends (the ones that really belong to that group) on the other hand there are lots of persons who are blessed to be lucky enough to have lots of couples and here I'm not talking about that particular group that enjoy one night stands, they are lonely and only think about themselves, those greedy bastards don't share their secret how to get laid so often (j/k) but the ones who has the wisdom to convince lots of girls to get together and spend their time with them, yet again I'm not bitter or jealous, just thinking out loud, to that ones who can endure such feats, congratulations, an old dog can't learn new tricks, maybe I got a different DNA than the one they've got, while I wait for the evolution of my genes, besides remain faithful to my values and my costumes I will continue waiting for the right one who thinks I'm good enough to be considered a 'pior es nada' btw you girl who talked to me today and will remain anonymous, thanks for the heads up, I'm flattered, hopefully somebody else will notice that, before it's too late.

PS I'm sorry my spanish speakers/readers, I came today with the english switch turned on, my dreams are really affecting my real life!

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Claudia dijo...

I wouldnt call those guys "the greedy ones" lucky. You said it yourself..they are lonely people. The funny thing is when someone cheats on them...they go fucking crazy!!!

I dont think love is a game, it may start as one..but it can become a beautiful experience...that is of course..you play your cards right at the beginning of the "so called game"