18 de mayo de 2009

I just don't get it

And I'm pretty sure I will never ever be able to unlock the ancient mysteries behind women's psyche. How come a person would be able to ignore what's going on with herself??? she doesn't have a FUCKING CLUEEEEEE! It was nice while the brief stint last but I'm not ready to leave my safetiness (read loneliness) and deal again with somebody confused let alone the fact with a never-say-die attitude.

I still consider I gave the best answer I could give: "There are some trains that only pass by once in a lifetime"

8 comentarios:

Clau dijo...

pa' que se complica...siga soltero y buen padre =)

sexloveandsadness dijo...

hagale caso a Clau, para q se complica??

[Alecita ♥] dijo...

Tan confusas que somos vaaaa =[ But, Hagámosle caso a Clau... do not complicate ^.^

Luli dijo...

Women are strange, I know. However, we're all different somehow (despite what most people say), so maybe you were just not in luck this time.

Las cosas buenas llevan tiempo y a veces las mejores llegan sin que te des cuenta. :)

Lauuu dijo...

Todo a su tiempo my darling.. todo a su tiempo!

Ahorita ni te compliques con mujeres que no saben lo que quieren!!! Que se pongan las pilas.. si no, otra va a ganarse a Marioooooo... *waggles eyebrows* jeje..

Who loves ya? xoxox

Calila dijo...

I'm sure when the right train comes, you won't hesitate about jump in it. And you won't try to find answers, or understand. No matter what happened before.

A friend of mine, told me once, that trying to understand women, it was harder than quantum mechanics, and let me tell you he is a brilliant physics guy.

So live like you want, and like someone said before, todo a su tiempo!!


SK Mario dijo...

Gracias por los comentarios, aunq me llama poderosamente la atencion q todas son mujeres!

Clau dijo...

jajaja, "todas son mujeres"---elemental mi querido SK, un hombre te diría que hagas lo de las xxx y que no te fijes en detalles.