21 de julio de 2008

If it sounds hot, maybe it is hot

Ever heard the famous saying: If it has feathers like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...even shit like a duck, its a duck!?!?!? Besides the face, which is the first thing you notice on a newly met person? It's his/her voice. Apart from the face or facial expression, the voice is the most important signal whether the person is friend or foe, bland or tough, hot or disgusting. And the physical appearance may offer clues to his/her sexuality.

Well, the famous magazine LiveScience published an interesting article stating sexy people sound better (whatever that means!) but if you ask me, the voice is one hell of an asset for girls!

The study states there may be a connection between a sexy voice and that person actually being more attractive in person. Evolutionary psychologist Susan Hughes claims that while body symmetry, as we all know, can be an important factor in choosing a mate, people with voices that were deemed attractive tended to possess that symmetry.

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Claudia dijo...

i like `em with sexy voices...that is so fucking true!