20 de julio de 2008

Back on track

Tomorrow Im going back to the mines, the call center industry its going to be again my main income source, I still have a chance to move to Europe, however, at this point its unclear; meanwhile Ill do my best to become a successful phone operator and will try to shine with all my effort so I can get a promotion since the campaign its going to grow exponencially according to my superiors.

Im a little bit nervous, something unusual in me, my confidence level is somehow low but I dont hesitate about my skills, maybe its only that I spent the last 8 months in a state of freedom that Im aware Im not going to enjoy in my new job but Im completely sure right now it is the best decision I could make, we will see how it goes further, Ill keep you guys posted, wish me luck!

4 comentarios:

Carlos Trio dijo...

Good luck Mariolino!

Vapues, a dormir a las 8:00pm!!!

Josh dijo...

Le deseo lo mejor France!

Y vayase a dormir ya hombre!

Kmila (Short time Memory Girl) dijo...

No me diga que no puede dormir, de el cuz, cuz. Bueno le deseo lo mejor, todo sea por salir adelante y ganarse las chirilicas para las chengas..Adelante..

Tengo una pregunta, sera que usted tiene un conecte por ahi para un call centre que sea solo en español, sabe que mi cuñada no tiene trabajo y es super sharp y le ando ayudando a buscar...Si sabe de algo plzzzz digame que se lo agradecere toda la vida...Jaluuu

Claudia dijo...

guena suerte!