22 de junio de 2008

Universidad de El Salvador

Sometimes you explain yourself better in english so Id do it just for Petes sake! This is what Ive found in a couple of trips to the (until last month) unknown Universidad Nacional.

Im not going to say I found modern infrastructure or even classrooms with appropiate lightning or ventilation, the teachers eventhough usually theyre also government employees (it is a "national" institution yet it is considered a self governing body) but as far as I know the level of education it is above average (such a feat in salvadoran standards)

I am fortunate to have an abundance of examples where once you have obtained your diploma its very easy to find a job, no one its going to diss the quality of the education youve received in the "Nacional" (my dad is one example). He told me once that given that I was done with my high school diploma I should try to find an open spot just to demonstrate myself I was able to make it, I never bought that crap, he wanted me to prove HIM, that I was able to do it, I even made it in the Universidad Centroamericana Jose Simeón Cañas , however I had my mind set on my goal, I went directly to the best Law School available back in the days but thats another story.

Lots of students speak the wonders of the campus, they pay low (actually very low instalments) and they reflect possitive and supportive statements about the atmosphere they find in the campus, of course theres always dissatisfied people everywhere and that place its not the exception.

There is no doubt that the older pupils set the attitude and learning standards that significantly affect the tone and culture of the student body and this undoubtedly reflects the strength of the values held like fight against abuse or think about all the things happening in the economical-political scene.

Im not quite sure I would have of been able to fit in that place but I wouldnt mind give it a shot :p

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