3 de octubre de 2008


Im tireddddddddddddd I was supposed to go to work at 5 am but I fell asleep again in the couch, several of my friends already warned me that Im on my way to selfdestruction but I do like the job environment and its not that hard, plus the so announced training its coming soon and I wont be able to do any OT and my pocket its gonna feel devastated if you know what I mean.

Sometimes I wonder if you work for a living or if you live to work, the truth is that if I can handle this and have fat paychecks as the one that I had last monday (and get to see all the faces of my coworkers in awe that they dont believe I get paid like a lot! ) Im gonna be a happy CCA for the rest of my life! jajajaja just kidding obviously I do want to grow within the company but if I can enjoy this moments of glory such as to hold the record in the whole company to be the employee with most hours of Over Time in 15 days with 90 (being the previous record 85) well, you do the math!

I guess that speaks for itself, the kind of commitment that I have with my job, eventhough that implied I spent one weekend from 1 pm to 11 pm one day and from 10 am to 4 pm the other one and my kids resented that but now I have the product of my effort. So bottom line is I will try to slow it down and enjoy more my time off so I can relax quite a bit and spend quality time with my family like Camilas bday next sunday!

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