22 de octubre de 2008

No more posts from my desk

Management decided to cut off the internet access so I will not be able to post during my shifts, but I already fixed that, I will post until I get home, so this is my clever solution of the problem (by the way Carlos is one of the coolest supervisors and a fan of this place!)

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From: Mario Francia [mailto:mario.francia@blablabla.com
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 10:47 AM
To: caflores
Subject: Chichi get the yeyo

Hi Carlos,

just in case you are still with a big question mark in your face and you are unable to identify the famous quote, let me tell you that the line belongs to "Scarface" and it is part of the scene where Tony Montana(not to be confused with Carlito Brigante, the other famous mobster character played by Al Pacino back in the 80's) goes to finish his first deal and the colombians try to ambush him and end up killing his cousin not without torturing him before chopping his arm off with a chainsaw.

After this brief explanation of the header title let me ask you for a small favor, as you may recall I do have a blog, before I work as a motherfucker as I do now I used to update the blog on a daily basis and given my new condition of slave of this beloved workplace (or bitch if you please) I would like to do my entrees here at work and then copypaste in my house to save me the effort of actually typing, would you be so kind to reroute my mails to mariofrancia@yahoo.com ?

Thanks in advance