10 de septiembre de 2008

random thoughts

Sheesh! No, Im not dead yet (eventhough there are quite a few wishing that) Ive been working 18 hours and eventhough we do have access to the web its kinda difficult to browse if we are talking to the customers. Long story short Ive been reading a lot but hard copies, Im getting new ideas for my tales and my future looks bright! I promise Ill catch up next weekend, I didnt do it last weekend cuz I had my uncle from out of town.

BTW Greetings Catracho! Now I know its almot a sin to put sauce in the baleadas! : )

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Kmila (Short time Memory Girl) dijo...

Puchica usted se lo va a terminar esa maquila. Tranquis, que despues de esta vida no hay otra. Cuidese mucho y no se olvide de tomar sus vitaminas, saludos a la family. Un abrazo y jaluuu.

Marcela dijo...

tranquilo... el trabajo es duro pero respirar un rato es bueno, descansa cuando puedas... suerte...

Ricardo dijo...

hmm ya les voy a decir a los de IT que te bloqueen el acceso a internet y mas cuando sepan que estabas instalando firefox......no queres regalarme un par de horas de tu graveyard mañana???

Anónimo dijo...

wtf? who wants you dead hommie?

check it foo, what the fudge is a "baleada"? some kind of drink?

i had a drink in guadalajara called "el ultimo tren", that shiot got me thore up mang.

great reading ya

Anónimo dijo...

mariocoopinol, i'm sorry to use your comentary board, but i wanted to send a message to marcela, since i didn't see her blog.

Marcela, con todo respeto: que mirada tan bella posees. Eres de lo mas precioso que he visto.

Eres un poema.


Mariolinocopinol dijo...

Dont trip! be my guest!

Ahh and about my death its just a saying you know, they all are haters and there are lots of MF green of envy, everywhere!