5 de octubre de 2007

sweet n sour

I'm not sure about the reactions I provoke in the people surrounding me, I'm sure I'm a good person with ups and downs like everybody, I tend to believe (all of us) deep inside, have a good side, I wish that could be more visible, that we do not had to use shields or put barriers around us, I know we have to protect ourselves because if we don't do it no one else is going to do it for us but come on! When was the last time you heard somebody died because he opened up and shared a couple of feelings? I know there are harmful people out there but it's not like you are looking for that kind of persons to share your intimacies! I'm more of the listener type, if you come to me for advise I'll try to do my best to tell you what would I do, but please, very please, don't fucking come to me to know what I have to tell you and then blame it on me!!!

2 comentarios:

Wendy Kitty dijo...

muy cierto.. ya he hecho eso de echarle la culpa a los demás por hacerles caso, ahora mejor tomo mis decisiones y la única responsable seré yo

Roberto dijo...

That's because as you say there is a thin line between been a nice person and pendejo, so the ones who get upset surely are in the 2nd category.