29 de diciembre de 2008

How to decipher what men are thinking

Contrary to what must women believe we are extremely easy to understand, here's an excerpt of an article that I found interesting and want to share with my audience.

Men are raised on life lessons such as: "Talk is cheap. Action is key." This kind of training, combined with the male's brain circuitry sets up our male species to be creatures of action rather than words.

Certainly, men can learn to verbalize their feelings and to respond better to the feelings of others, but it doesn't come naturally. Part of the brain bridge that connects the right (emotional interpretative) and left (verbal exactitude) sides of the brain is less developed in men than women. This doesn't weaken a man's right brain. He can still apply intuitive and emotional thinking skills that help him solve problems through hunches. His left brain is also working fine, so that linear, logical and sequential skills are in full gear.

Source: hitchedmag.com Where you can find the rest of the article.

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