10 de septiembre de 2007

go wanna!

And all of a sudden I decided to post in english, I don't know why, who knows, maybe just for kicks, maybe the "English Only Environment" campaign in my job paid dividends and now subconsciously I want to keep the switch in that channel!? whatever, maybe that could justify my long overdue post in english for readers like wanna, who is by the way only 1.3 pounds away to get her goal of losing 88 lbs, way to go wanna! congrats! I only wanted to cheer you up!

3 comentarios:

Wanna_B_slim dijo...

Aww how sweet... you certainly have made my day!!!!
Finally I can read your blog!!!

Claudia dijo...

wow.. thats a lot of weight!...way to go wanna!

Wanna_B_slim dijo...

Hey thanks Claudia!!